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Wheaton BOD Bottles

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Numbered Wheaton BOD Bottles

Wheaton BOD bottles are available in two sizes: 60mL and the more common 300mL. They are sold numbered or blank and with your choice of glass pennyhead stoppers or glass robotic stoppers.

These BOD bottles are ideal for incubating diluted samples of sewage, sewage effluents, polluted waters and industrial wastes to determine the amount of oxygen required during the stabilization of the decomposable organic matter by aerobic biochemical action. We recommend the 300mL capacity bottles for the five-day BOD test as referenced in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water & Wastewater, 21st Edition, 5210B, 2005.


Features & Benefits:

  • Specifically designed bottle shoulder radius that sweeps all air from inside the bottle during filling

  • Interchangeable stoppers have a tapered bottom that prevents air entrapment

  • Bottles have a flared mouth to form a water seal around the stopper that prevents air from being drawn into the bottle during incubation

  • Stopper joint is compatible with the probes of the leading meters for BOD and dissolved oxygen

  • Large, permanently screened-on writing patch on all bottles

  • Manufactured from USP Type I borosilicate glass

Applications: #wastewater #dairy


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