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Niagara Scientific Brand TISAB & Other Fluoride Testing Supplies

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

If you test for fluoride in municipal drinking water, we likely have all you need to get started or to maintain your reagents and supplies.

We carry our brand of TISAB II and fluoride standards in many values and can supply any custom values you may need. As a distributor of Thermo Orion, we offer the Orion fluoride electrodes – both single junction with separate reference electrode and the combination electrode. We also carry supplies for maintaining accurate testing.

If you are new to testing for fluoride and need an ISE meter, we can help!

Summary of Fluoride Testing Products:

  • Niagara Brand solutions: TISAB, fluoride standards and fill solution for your probes

  • ISE meters to facilitate testing

  • Fluoride electrodes – single junction or combination

  • Other supply items including stir bars, volumetric glassware, Kimwipes, magnetic stirrers, and glass or plastic beakers


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