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Kimble Disposable Culture Tubes

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Kimble Disposable Borosilicate Culture Tubes

Used in a variety of applications and markets, Kimble disposable culture tubes (DCTs) are available in many sizes to meet practically every need. These versatile borosilicate culture tubes are ideal for use in tissue culture, bacteriology and clinical chemistry. Niagara Scientific Products stocks the most common sizes our Buffalo warehouse. Choose from 12 tube sizes (see sell sheet for details).


Features & Benefits:

  • Sold in cases of 500 or 1000, depending on tube size

  • Inner-packed in convenient trays for ease of use on benchtops and in drawers

  • All tubes have sturdy, uniform bottom and consistent lengths

  • Superior borosilicate glass offers excellent chemical resistance against sodium leaching (common in soda lime glass)

  • Made in North America

Applications: #watertreatment #wastewater #dairy #foodprocessing

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