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Niagara becomes direct distributor of Thermo Spectronic spectrophotometers

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Niagara Scientific Products has been granted direct distributor status for Thermo Spectronic spectrophotometers, increasing our access to Thermo Fisher Scientific's sprawling laboratory product portfolio. With this change, we can offer customers more competitive pricing as well as manufacturer promotions. We are already a direct distributor of other Thermo product lines, including Thermo Orion, Thermo Nalgene, and Thermo lab equipment and water purification products.

Spectrophotometers can measure in the visible region (325nm to 1100nm) or UV-visible region (190nm to 1100nm) of the light spectrum. These instruments have applications in life science, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage analysis, material science, water analysis, and education and research.

Two popular entry-level vis spectrophotometers are the Spec 200 and the Genesys 30.

Spec 200

Spec 200 visible spectrophotometer
Spec 200

Frequently used at universities, high schools and colleges

Sample stage that holds samples in either cuvettes or test tubes

Removable, washable sample compartment for easy cleanup

Reads to 3 decimal places


Genesys 30

Genesys 30 visible spectrophotometer
Genesys 30

  • Gold standard in entry-level spectrophotometers

  • Robust construction

  • Powerful software capability

  • Great for teaching labs, research labs and industrial QC applications

  • Removable, washable sample compartment for easy cleanup, with optional test tube holder



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