FEATURED PRODUCT: Thermco Autoclave Maximum Registering Thermometers

Updated: Jun 28

A must for any lab with an autoclave. These thermometers are PTFE-sealed, which will enclose the liquid and splintered glass within the coating if breakage occurs, thereby protecting equipment from the mercury.

Thermco's Maximum Registering Autoclave Thermometers are a simple and inexpensive method for autoclave validation.

Features & Benefits:

  • NIST Traceable

  • Thermometers indicate highest temperature attained during use

  • Verification for autoclaves and sterilizers

  • Thermometer must be shaken down for each new reading

  • Mounted in armor cases & sealed in PTFE jacket for protection

  • Open face cases

  • Individually serialized

  • Refills available

Flyer - Autoclave Maximum Registering Th
Download • 264KB
Instructions - Autoclave Thermometer
Download PDF • 194KB

Thermco autoclave thermometer
Autoclave Thermometer

Thermco autoclave thermometer with armor
Autoclave Thermometer with Armored Case

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