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This chapter is about Overlord. The former Army Combatant has been ordered to return to the capital and prepare for a war against the human race. But then a major incident shakes the castle, and a terrible creature rises from the ruins of a village to attack the soldiers. It seems that the Overlord has been cursed with the evil of the old god—Othinus. “It’s unfair to show me as the villain, Othinus is only a child, and yet I’m supposed to be the evil one.” Ah, the young god, Othinus. She was a tiny little girl, and yet her voice rang across the kingdom like a giant’s bell. She had a pale face, golden hair, and a warm smile. She also had a large, extended arm that looked like an erectile penile organ. But no, it was not a misprint. That was actually a flexible arm capable of extending to huge lengths and contracting. She was the daughter of the god Sybil, but also the child of the god Attis. Attis was one of the gods of the Roman Empire, but as was common with other Roman gods, his parentage had been lost over time. Othinus’s father was named Attis, but her mother was named Cybele. This was the ancient goddess of what we now call the Greco-Roman religion, and Attis was her grandson. Now he and his father were both gone, but Othinus carried on their legacy, but only if she managed to defeat the lord of Hellenic culture, Athen. Athen was her brother, and to the people of Hellenic culture, Othinus had a strong family resemblance. Athen claimed that if he could overthrow the people and take the throne, he could recreate the ancient glory of the Greek Empire. This would be the only way for him to return to the peak of his powers. That was why he has tried to enslave the divine heritage of Othinus. This was the basic outline of Athen’s plan. However, the plans were ruined when Athens didn’t just try to enslave her. Instead, he tried to rape her in an attempt to create a child with her, and he also declared war on her. And thus, Othinus had to fight her brother Athen. As Athen was a powerful demon of Greek culture




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Puli Full Movie Download In Hindi 1080p

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